The admission process is designed and supervised carefully to ensure the scholarship will go to those in need.

A. Eligibility Requirements

  1. Indonesian citizen and resident in Bali.
  2. Currently a student of grade IX in SMP/MTs in Bali.
  3. Among the top ten best students in his/her school, proven by a recommendation letter by the Principal.
  4. Underprivileged family background, supported by a reference letter from the head of village or local authorities.


B. Admission Process

  • Paper-based

a.Identification of Student, b. notes achievement,c. academic potential,economic situation/ income parents



  • Home Visit
Home visits prospective learners to ensure economic conditions which have been included in the paper based with the actual situation and the support of parents. Observation state of the economy is based on 19 criteria of poverty, adapted from the poverty indicators issued by CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics).
    • Boot Camp

1. Psychological tests

      Test IQ (Intellectual Intelligence),
      Test EQ (Emotional Intelligence),
      Personality Tests,
      Tests Interests & Talent,


2. Health Tests


3. Interview


4. FGD (Focus Group Discussion)

5. Test Performance Talent Test


6. Potential Specialisation (Logic Maths + English)