SMA Negeri Bali Mandara is grade 10 to 12 boarding school located in the north of Bali, Indonesia. Our students come from across the island of Bali and are selected on the basis of academic ability, artistic and sporting talents and social responsibility. The school provides high quality education to some of Bali’s most gifted students. We only accept students who would not otherwise be able to afford this calibre of education; all our students receive full scholarships provided by the Government of Bali Province and generous support and contribution from our donors and partners. This educational access is presented to our students who are nurtured to become the future leaders, who are academically competent, skilful, have strong leadership and dedication to the society.

Located on 10 hectares land in Kubutambahan, Bali, the school is exceptionally a well place to nurture the students’ awareness of local and global issues. With an enrolment of approximately 225 students, SMAN Bali Mandara has 26 teachers and 33 staff, who are very helpful and dedicated to give assistance, guidance also services for the school development. Our teaching staff has reputable and experienced qualifications for the academic activities and life after school e.g. co-curricular activities, leadership, entrepreneurship etc. The staff is committed to give best services to all school members, especially in the daily boarding life.