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SMA Negeri Bali Mandara

Bersatu Padu Melangkah Menghadapi Tantangan

SMA Negeri Bali Mandara

Mendidik Tunas Bangsa

Berdasar Pancasila dan Undang-Undang Dasar 45

Membina Putra Putri

Taat Jujur Berbudi

Berjiwa Sosial Cerdas Mandiri

Siapkan Generasi 

Pemimpin Masa Depan

Bertanggung Jawab Dapat Dipercaya


Wujudkan Pendidikan

Demokratis Berkualitas

Berdaya Saing Berwawasan Global

Raihlah Cita-Cita

Masa Depan Cemerlang

di SMA Negeri Bali Mandara


Theme Song


I can dream the impossible

I fear not the obstacles

For if I believe in me

I can make it possible

I’ll shine my light for all to see

For a gem can’t be polished without frictions

Nor men perfected without trials


We all take different paths in life

But no matter where I go

I will feel safe knowing that

We’re all together in this journey


For we are one big family

There’ll always be time for sharing

And caring for each other

Even when we are far apart



Like an eagle we spread our wing

Soaring high in the sky of dream

Always strive to be the very best

and help other to soar as high


We remember the start

We will go through the journey

We will reach the goals

Let’s lend our hands to our brother and sisters

Let’s make a brighter tomorrow for others

Make their impossible dreams possible

For when we believe, when we are together

We can make the difference


Chorus 2x